Welcome to Wig House Designs, the home of alternative hair designs for men, women and children, that look fantastic and feel great to wear.

We specialise in creating, designing and supplying all natural and synthetic hair for all occasions:

Whatever the occasion or reason we are able to help you create your desires. We understand the process of wearing hair pieces from a personal position and can pass on any tips or information to make the dream of creating illusions a reality.

We are also able to:

Please feel free to contact Becky for further information or just to have a chat about how we can help you, or if you are unsure of what designs or colours suit you, she will be able to offer expert advice.

The recommendation of how to proceed is:

  1. To have a look at this web site for hair styles you think may suit. Look at the colours that you think may/ will suit you or just fancy.
  2. If you have not ordered before or worn an alternative hair style before, then ring Becky or email Becky and she will call/contact you back to have a chat with you
  3. Once you have had a chat Becky, will suggest that you and her meet at a convenient time that suits both. This can be done at your home or hers, the choice is yours. It is at this meeting she will be able to provide you with a great selection of hair styles to try, colour choices and plenty of catalogues, along with loads of expert advice to give you what you desire.
  4. If you have ordered before and want to order the same or know the design you like then fill out the on-line form with the correct information and Becky will send you an email confirming your order. Once confirmation is sent and accepted and you have paid for your new hair design it will be on its way to you.

Just contact Becky today by:

Phone: 021 210 1679
0800: 0800 Wighouse (944 468)

She looks forward to meeting with you.

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